Welcome to join our club!

Football club KoiPS, Koivukylän Palloseura, was established in 1980, and the club has a long history. The club’s main purpose is to offer everyone equally a possibility to train and play football.

For families with small children there are different family groups, at the age of five the teams are set up. There are teams that are set up by the age groups. KoiPS also has recreational teams for adults.

The club staff are there to help teams and coaches. In addition, several parents are helping as coaches and in other tasks. Parents of the players are doing voluntary work in their spare time and all parents are more than welcome to give their time and effort for the team.

The club has also invested videly on educating the coaches and the volunteers and this reflects as in the high quality of all the activities.


The players equality is in high priority. In our club every player has the same possibility to attend of rehearsals and games. Every player will have the right level of games where the individual has a possibility to succeed and to progress in the game. More important than the end result of the game, is to support all players to be brave and to try their best. It is the nature of the game to strive to win and enjoy the victory, but at the same time we need to learn that losing is also a natural part of the game.

Depending on the age group the teams have rehearsals 2-4 times a week. During the summer season (April-October) rehearsals take place in the club’s own fields (Kotitekis) in Havukoski. During the winter season rehearsals take place in nearby schools and football halls in Tikkurila and in Hakunila. Games and tournaments can be all over in nearby cities.


Each player’s personal gear includes:

  • soccer shoes
  • football (size depends on the age group, ask from the coach)
  • shin guards and
  • a drinking bottle

Training shirt, game jersey, shorts, football socks etc can be ordered from the teams gear manager after joining the team.


The club’s main communication channel is www.koips.fi and MyClub. Via MyClub you will receive information and invoices. The club also has several social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube).

The team’s main communication channel is also MyClub (events, enrollment, internal communication, players information) and next to this, we also use a WhatsApp groups for parents.

Parents will inform the coaches via MyClub whether the player is attending or absent. When organizing rehearsals for a team, it is necessary to know whether there will be 20 or 40 players in the event. The coach has to know how many groups will be formed and how many coaches are needed.


The club collects membership fees and seasonal fees from all players. Prices and more information in here: www.koips.fi/seura/jasenmaksut

The team’s monthly fee amount is decided in the parents meeting. This fee covers operating costs and the team’s common necessities (training fields, coaching, games, tournaments, referees etc.). If a player quits, the payment goes for the month in which it was reported, as well as the month following the notice. The player can participate in the activities normally during this time.

The club gear is at a different cost.

All players need to have an insurance, which can be purchased with Pelipassi, or if the player has their own leisure insurance. If the player has an own insurance, you need to make sure it covers hobbies and sports like football.

Invoices are sent via MyClub. Please note that unpaid invoices are moved to collection by Visma.

If the player decides to quit in the team, this needs to be informed to the team manager and coach in writing (email).


To join our football club feel free to contact us! Terhi Palm [email protected]